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Nestle Pixie Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar 50g (Australia Import)

This hard caramel covered in rich dark chocolate provides you with a ‘longer lasting chew’. This kiwi classic is perfect...

Nestle Smarties Easter Fun (Osterspaß) 120g Germany Import

16 individually wrapped milk chocolate figures with milk cream filling and chocolate.

Nestle Smarties Llama Edition Tube (4 Pack x 38g) Exp Date 03/20

Share the fun of Smarties® Llama Limited Edition Milk Chocolate Sweets. A unique mix of Smarties® in pink, yellow, red...
£3.99 £1.49

Nestle Smarties Orange Pouch Limited Edition (112g) Exp Date 05/20

Unique to the UK and Ireland, Orange SMARTIES are the only SMARTIES that have their own flavour - with the...
£1.99 £0.49

Nestle Smarties Pouch (118g) (Best Before 06/2020)

Colourful milk chocolate sweets in a crisp sugar shell. Coloured by nature - from food and plant extracts only. With...
£1.99 £0.69

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